Our Mission


Social media has had the biggest impact on athletic recruiting, especially as the NCAA has endorsed the use of social media for recruiting. However, the current platforms being used (Twitter) do not serve users in the process. RosterSpot is not a recruiting service, however, we have developed search tools relevant to the recruiting process using user profile data to filter and query the data points. This use of technology can save coaches mass amounts of time and resources.


A short recruiting calendar, coaching turnover, and athlete transfers cause athlete evaluations to be delayed. This can be magnified if the college coach is recruiting a new geographic area and/or for a new school. RosterSpot creates a permanent access point for college coaches and high school programs to share roster data. Because college coaches have to search vast areas canvasing many high schools, and athletes have to look around the country for a college to call home – RosterSpot developed an interactive map for users to learn how schools relate to each other and what athletes / coaches are there.


The most trusted resource for information on an athlete is the HS coach. Most HS coaches use a similar spreadsheet with athlete information. College coaches try and collect information from the HS coach and/or purchase data from recruiting services. However, more than ever athletes are owning their process and keeping their data updated. RosterSpot uses these updates to notify college coaches and keep the HS coach’s spreadsheet updated as well.

Trust the process with us.

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